What is the Definition of Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy

Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy


Potential energy is the energy within an object because of its position or state.

Gravitational potential energy: E = mgh





E = Potential Energy [J]


M = Mass [kg]


g = Gravitational Acceleration [m s-2]


h = height of the location of the object [m]


Elastic potential energy: F / N ..l


W = 1/2 FS




W = work done [J]

F = force exerted [N]

s = extension or compression of the spring [m]



Kinetic Energy


Kinetic energy is energy acquired by an object during movement.


E = 1/2 mv2




E = kinetic energy [J]

m = mass [kg]


v = velocity of the object [m s-I]


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