Describe Arterial System of Frog

Arterial System of Frog


Vessels carrying blood away from heart are called arteries. Arteries join to form arterial system. It has following main branches. Each main branch further divides into three branches.


Carotid Arch:


It supplies blood lower jaw, tongue, eye and brain etc.


Pulmocutaneous Arch:


It carries blood to lungs and skin.


Systemic Arch:


It has two parts. Right & Left systemic arch. Both these arches join to form dorsal aorta. Each systemic arch divides into arteries and supplies blood to vertebral column, oesophagus and fore limbs.


Dorsal Aorta:


It runs along the vertebral column towards the hind limbs. It further divides into following arteries:


  1. i) Coeliacomesenteric artery:


It supplies blood to digestive system.


  1. ii) Renal Arteries:


It supplies blood to kidney and genetal organs.


iii) Posterior mesenteric artery:


It supplies blood to rectum.

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  1. iv) Iliac Arteries:


It supplies blood too hind limbs.



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