A Dialogue Between two Students Regarding Prayers

A Dialogue Between two Students Regarding Prayers

Osama: Well, now I’d like to take rest for a while. I’ve had my meals, you know.

Salman: ok, you should take rest while I fix this picture of a landscape up on the wall, where is sticky tape?

Osama: Out there in the drawer.

Salman: Well, I think this picture needs to be a bit higher up. How do you like it Osama?

Dsarna: Lovely! Good, well done. That looks nice up there. Now let’s go for prayers to the


Salman: I am going to the market.

Jsama: No, Prayers first. Don’t you hear the moezzin’s call for prayer?

Salman: Sure, l do, but l am going out. It’s very urgent. My motorbike is out at the gate.

Jsama: There is nothing in the world that ought to be more urgent than a prayer.

Salman: I don’t really understand it. Art is long and life is short. There is so much to do-in the world. There is so much fun games, sports, T.V., cricket, world cups, videos, feature films, fun-fairs, shopping, and so many other things to do. Sorry, I am going.

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Osama: Dear, who am Ito hold you back? Dear, as you are to me, I sincerely wish you pray. Prayers give us peace, freshness, balance, courage, hope, goodness in our short life here on the earth and eternal goodness in the life hereafter

Salman: Oh, I am sick of your sermons, Osama.

Osama: See Allah’has blessed us with eyes, ears, heart, hands, legs and brain. Salman you see such a lovely world is there around us. Great gifts they are! Aren’t they? We must thank Allah, the Merciful, the Sustainer. As Muslims, we pray and this is how we thank Allah.

Salman: All right. I fear Allah. I love Him, too. I’ll go with you.



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