What is Difference Between Cell Membrane and Cell Wall

Difference Between Cell Membrane and Cell Wall


Cell Wall:



It is outer most boundary of plant cell. It is absent in animals cell.




It may be thick as outer wall of trachieds or as parenchyma tissues.




  1. i) Parenchyma tissues are composed to thin wall and its function is storage.
  2. ii) Cotenchyma tissues are slightly thick and their function is conduction.

iii) Sclerenchyma tissues are thick wall and their function is protection.




Its composition is different in different plants. Majority composed of cellulose (dead cells). In fungi it is composed of chitin.


Types of cell wall:


  1. i) Primary cell wall is a thin wall which form first whorl.
  2. ii) Secondary cell wall is formed by deposition of many primary cell walls. It is thick.


Functions of cell wall:


  1. i) It provides protection to the cell.
  2. ii) It gives shape to the cell.
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iii) It provides support to the cell.

  1. iv) It provides rigidity to the cell.


Nature of cell wall:


Cell wall is permeable in nature because it allows all the materials to pass through.


Cell Membrane:




It is outer most in animal’s ceII while in plant cell it is present inside the cell wall.




It is few micron meter thick.




Basically is composed of lipids and proteins. It consists of two layers if lipids in which protein molecule are completely embedded.




  1. i) All the transportation of cell is done by cell membrane.
  2. ii) It provides the shape to the animal cell.

iii) It provides support to animal cell.


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