What are the different Modes of Nutrition in Animals

Modes of Nutrition in Animals


There are two methods of nutrition in uni-cellular animals:



Holozoic Nutrition:


Some unicellular animals take in solid particles of food materials called holozoic feeders. And this nutrition is called holozoic nutrition.



Sagrozoic Nutrition:


Some unicellular animals absorb liquid organic materials called saprozoic feeders. And this nutrition is called saprozoic nutrition. There are six methods of nutrition in multicellular organisms:





These animals feed on plants e.g. cow, buffalo, goat, zebra etc. These animals have strong teeth. They gulp food quickly and store food in stomach. The partly digested food is brought back into mouth for further mastication. This is called regurgitation.




These are the flesh eating animals e.g. cat, dog, lion and tiger etc. They have sharp and pointed teeth and nail. They help them to tear and grasp prey.



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These animals eat plants as well as other animals e.g. Mat, bear, crow etc.





These animals eat seed and fruits. E.g. parrot and squirrel.



These animals eat insects e.g. frog, lizard etc.




These animals gets their food from living host e.g. some worms. These are of two types:


  1. i) Ecto-parasites obtain their food by living on the body surface of host.


  1. ii) Endo-parasites obtain their food by living inside the body of host.


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