Digestive System of Frog Parts and Functions

Digestive System of Frog Parts and Functions


The digestive system of frog consists of following things:


  1. Buccule cavity


  1. Pharynx


  1. Stomach


  1. Pancreas & Liver


  1. Intestine


  1. Cloacal aperture or Rectum




  1. Buccule Cavity:


  1. i) Mouth is present between upper and lower jaws.


  1. ii) Teeth are of two types


  1. Maxillary teeth are present in upper and lower jaws.


  1. Vomerine teeth are present in lower jaw. They are pointed teeth.


iii. Function of teeth is to control the food in mouth.


iii) Tongue of frog is very unique. It is free from behind and attached from front. It function is rolling of food and capturing of prey.


  1. Pharynx:


  1. i) It is located behind the mouth.


  1. ii) Glottis is an opening of pharynx.


iii) Epi glottis is a lid like structure which closes the respiratory track when frog is eating something and closes the digestive track when frog is inhaling.

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  1. Stomach:


  1. i) It is a muscular structure. It has two parts cardiac end and pyloric end.


  1. ii) Stomach is grandular part which secrets glands.


iii) It helps in movement of food by contraction and relaxation.


  1. iv) It helps in metabolism and digestion of protein.



  1. Pancreas & Liver


  1. i) Pancreas is yellow U shaped flat structure. It secret secretions which help in digestion.


  1. ii) Liver is biggest gland. It also secret secretions which help in digestion.


iii) The secretions produced by pancreas and liver are reached to stomach through bile duct.



  1. Intestine:


  1. i) Small Intestines are long tube like structure. Food enters into small intestine after stomach. Here digested food enters into the blood.


  1. ii) Un digested food is send to large intestine.


  1. Rectum


  1. i) It opens to the exterior at the Cloacal aperture. Undigested waste residue is expelled out from the body from here as feaces.
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