Ek Nayi Cinderella Novel by Faiza Iftikhar

Ek Nayi Cinderella Novel

This is one of the best piece of Ek Nayi Cinderella From the collection of or Written by Faiza Iftikhar It have 79 (Seventy Nine Only) Pages of Ek Nayi Cinderella. Students remain motivated during their high school years . Traditional lessons for modern schoolchildren are boring and difficult Ek Nayi Cinderella. Coming to the elementary grades, they are still motivated by playful teaching methods, but the further they go, the more they have to memorize boring theory, facts that they cannot apply. The Singapore education system Ek Nayi Cinderella completely solves this problem, because during the lesson, many forms of work are involved, where you need to apply the learned information. Therefore, high school students are interested in understanding new topics in order to speak competently in front of their peers. It is they, and not the teacher, who are in the spotlight during the lesson.
Students learn to defend their point of view . They can openly argue with each other, and even with the teacher, but it is important to back up their statements with arguments. In this way, they learn to negotiate cooperation, find a compromise, and thus constructively resolve conflicts. They defend their opinion Ek Nayi Cinderella, point of view, which is important enough in adulthood.
The teacher does not need to find approaches to how to convey information . The teacher selects the necessary structures so that the students work with each other, or with the educational task, information purpose Ek Nayi Cinderella. The teacher himself does not convey any information. He acts only as a moderator who monitors compliance with the algorithm and time. Anyways, lets come to the point that is Ek Nayi Cinderella

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