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Emmy Rossum Age Biography

Emmy Rossum Age Biography: Emmanuelle Gray “Emmy” Rossum is a talented American performer and artist-musician. Her full name is Emmanuelle Gray “Emmy” Rossum. She rose to prominence after appearing in the 1994 thriller picture Mystic River (2003). Her date of birth is 12 September 1986 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The number  denotes Emmy Rossum’s age. In addition, she was awarded and designated awards due to the quality of her shows.

Emmy Rossum Family & Education

Family details reveal that she is her mother Cheryl Rossum’s only kid. Her mother was a single mom who worked as a corporate photographer before she had her. Her parents kept to themselves while her mother was pregnant, and it wasn’t until 2007 that she finally got to meet her father. Despite the fact that Rossum’s father is a Protestant, Rossum’s mother is Jewish (of Russian-Jewish descent). Education: Rossum spent a significant amount of time learning at the Spence School, a private institution located in Manhattan, before dropping out to pursue professional opportunities. She was able to complete the requirements for her secondary school diploma at the age of fifteen with the use of online augmentation classes provided by Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY).

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Debut in the Film Industry: Rossum made her debut in the film industry at the age of 13 in the year 2000’s Songcatcher, playing the role of Deladis Slocumb, an Appalachian wanderer. In the movie directed by Roland Emmerich and starring as Laura Chapman, Emmerich gave Rossum an opportunity to further her career (2004). In 2006, Emmy Rossum appeared in Poseidon, a remake of the disastrous film The Poseidon Adventure that was directed by Wolfgang Petersen. During the middle of 2009, she participated in chosen exhibits of the “Voyaging Circus and Medicine Show” tour as a “uncommon guest,” among bands such as Counting Crows, Augustana, and Michael Franti, as well as Spearhead. In 2010, Rossum contributed vocals to a song titled “Savage One,” which was included on We’ve All Been There, the first solo album of singer Alex Band. She sings on the tune with Band and Chantal Kreviazuk respectively. On January 29, 2013, Rossum handed over the collection of songs known as Sentimental Journey to Warner Bros. Records. Wistful Journey reached its highest point on the Billboard 200 chart at position number 92 and topped the jazz albums chart at number one.

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Emmy Rossum Movies List

Genius (1999) (Claire Addison) Songcatcher (2000) (2000) An American Rhapsody, Composed by Deladis Slocumb (2001) Happy Now? (2001) Nicky Trent and Jenny Thomas are credited with writing this. Passionada (2002) (2002) (Vicky Amonte) Nola (2003) (2003) (Nola) The Mystic River ( (2003) (Katie Markum) The Day After Tomorrow After Tomorrow (2004) (Laura Chapman) The Mask of the Opera’s Phantom (2004) Poseidon (2006) (2006) (Jennifer Ramsey) Dragonball Evolution (2009) (Bulma) Dare (2009) (2009) (Alexa Walker) Inside (2011) (2011) (Christina Perasso) Beautiful Creatures (2013) (Submitted by Ridley Duchannes) A Final Word Before I Vanish (2014) (Maggie) Comet (2014) (Kimberly) You Are Not Who You Say You Are (2014) (Bec) A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018) (Kathryn Walker) That qualifies as harassment (2018) (Journalist) Chase in the Cold (2019) (Kim Dash) Grace & Glorie may be seen on television (1996) (Luanne) In the Year 1997, On As the World Turns (Abigail Williams) Law & Order (1997) Having a Will of Their Own (by Alison Martin) (1998) (Young Sarah) Nothing But Love (1998) (Lily) Looks Around (1999) (Caroline Beels) Genius (1999) (Claire Addison) The Practice (2001) (Allison Ellison) Shameless (2000–present), The Audrey Hepburn Story (2000–present) (2011-19) (Fiona Gallagher) Animal Kingdom (2017) It’s Mr. Robot (2019) Modern Love (2019) Angelyne (2021) (Angelyne) Awards: Honors bestowed by the National Board of Review The Saturn Awards are presented by the Broadcast Film Critics Association. Awards Given to Young Performers Awards Given Out at the Hamptons International Film Festival Savannah Film Festival Awards Catalina Film Festival Awards Awards Given Out at the Northeast Film Festival Albums / EPs: Inside Out (2007) The Extended Play for “Christmas Carol” (2007) Journey Riddled with Memories (2013) As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Emmy Rossum will have a net worth of $12 Million. Additionally, she has a lot of talent as an actor. Personal Life: Although Rossum wed Justin Siegel on February 17, 2008, the couple first identified themselves as being in a relationship with another person who was not married. On September 25, 2009, he filed a petition with the court to separate legally from his wife, and the divorce was finalised on December 28, 2010. After dating for two years, Emmy Rossum became engaged to essayist and chief Sam Esmail in 2015. The couple tied the knot on May 29, 2017, at a Reform gathering place in New York City. In light of the fact that she had concealed the fact that she was pregnant from the public, Rossum gave birth to their daughter on May 24, 2021.

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