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End of Term by David Daiches Question Answer

End of Term Question Answer


1: What was Daiches attitude towards the week end as a school boy? Why did he long for it?


Ans:    As a school boy, he felt joy at the arrival of week-end. He walked home like an escaped prisoner. He longed for it to get rid of daily burden of school.



Q. 2:    What was his general view of school life?


Ans:    He was a good student and often enjoyed the actual class room work. School life was full of labour and tough competitions. Teachers gave them a lot of home work. This daily grind of school made him long for holidays.



Q.3: He liked holidays for their freedom- freedom for what?


Ans:    He liked holidays for their freedom-freedom from waking up early in the morning, from large number of classes and from grind of routine school work.



Q. 4:    How did he spend his summer holidays?

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Ans:    The summer holidays were a long period of bliss. He spent his summer vacation in his village with his grand parents. He played cricket in July sunshine; he enjoyed these holidays very much.



Q. 5:  Wishes don’t come true in this life, writes Daiches. What are the things he longed for but could not have?


Ans:    He wished to get a tricycle in his early childhood and later a bicycle. He wished to get ice-cream and sweet free of cost. His these wishes did not come true.



Q. 6:    What did he do with his pocket money?


Ans:    He kept his savings in money-box because he was not allowed to spend his pocket-money.



Q. 7: Why was the Friday morning rose coloured for the writer?


Ans:    Friday morning was positively rose coloured because it was a week end. Moreover, they were going to have two consecutive holidays to enjoy themselves.

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Q. 8:    What were unexpected respites?


Ans:    Unexpected respites mean sudden dismissal of school before usual time due to some crises, celebration and football match. But these were few and far between



Q. 9:    When did he buy his first bicycle?


Ans:    He bought his first bicycle at the age of 21 with the prize money he won atEdinburgh University.



Q.10: What was the most frightening day of the week for Daiches?


Ans:    Monday was the most frightening day of the week for Daiches. Waking up on Monday morning was a dismal experience for the writer.



Q.11: What were the feelings of the writer on Saturday and Sunday?


Ans:    Saturday night had the charm for the holiday between it and the Monday morning. But Sunday night was full of the threat of Monday morning.

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