Why Excretion of Body Waste is Important

Why Excretion of Body Waste is Important


Higher amount of carbon dioxide can lead to lowering of pH which can be dangerous for life. It should be quickly removed otherwise it may also be very harmful.


The concentration of water in the tissue fluid of mammals is maintained within the range 97-99%. In blood water is about 92%. If water exceeds this level then it collects in the tissues causing dropry. If the water level falls this normal line, it can cause dehydration of body.


Advantages:memory management is not as comprehensive as in low-level languages, but if desired, it can be done; standard libraries are much more diverse and rich; the program is compiled into bytecode, which is easily used when working with other programming languages. Disadvantages: such archaic programming elements that a programmer needs, such as knowledge of the memory device and the need to remember about garbage collection are constantly present, and this takes time; a large number of abstractions are not always useful for a beginner; to use the bytecode, a runtime environment is required, this is also not always a positive thing;

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