Fahriye Evcen Age Biography, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Fahriye Evcen Age Biography

Fahriye Evcen Age Biography: Fahriye Evcen Age and a brief biography are provided about the talented German-Turkish actress Fahriye Evcen. She is well recognised for her performance in the TV adaptation of Reşat Nuri Güntekin’s book alkuşu, in which she played the lead character. Her birthday is June 4th, 1986, and she was born in Solingen, Germany.

Fahriye Evcen Family:

Her Circassian ancestors are from her mother’s side of the family. Her father’s side of the family is Turkish and originally settled in Kavala, which is located in Greece.

Fahriye Evcen Education:

Stats on Height, Weight, and Body Composition, Career:

At a young age, when she was on a vacation in Turkey, she took part in a show hosted by Oya Aydoan, who introduced her to the creator Ibrahim Mertolu. At that time, she was in Turkey. Evcen received an offer to participate in a television arrangement as an actor when she was studying humanism at Düsseldorf Heinrich-Heine University. In order to pursue this opportunity, Evcen relocated to Istanbul. One of her first notable gigs was playing the character of Necla on the Turkish talk show Yaprak Doküm, which was one of her first employment. Her first realistic appearance was in the film Cennet (2008), and the following year she was cast in a leading role in the movie Aşk Tutulmasi.

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Later on, she appeared on television as the character Feride in the arrangement of alkuşu that was produced by TMS Productions. After that, she had a role in the movie Aşk Sana Benzer. In 2017, she had a role in the film Sonsuz Aşk and also appeared in the television series Olene Kadar, in which she was cast opposite Engin Akyürek.

Fahriye Evcen Movies List:

Cennet (2007) (Kız) Aşk Tutulması (2008) (Pınar) Spur des terrors takiye / Takiye: Allah yolunda (2010) (Sevde)
Evim Sensin’s Signora Enrica (2011), also known as Young Signora Enrica (2012) (Leyla) Aşk Sana Benzer (2015) (Deniz/Defne)
Sonsuz Aşk (2017) (Zeynep)
Television: Asla Unutma (2005) (Pınar) Hasret (2006) (Songül) Yaprak Dokümü (2006-2010) (Necla Tekin)
Yalancı Bahar (2011) (Zeynep)
Veda (2012) (Mehpare) Çalıkuşu (2013-14) (Feride)
Kurt Seyit ve Şura (2014) (Mürvet) Olene Kadar (2017) (Selvi Nardan/Vildan)
Awards: Siyaset Dergisi Awards
19th Annual Golden Lens Awards presented by MGD
Awards given out by Elle Styles
Golden Sebilj Awards
Ayd Awards
Türkiye Genclik Awards
As of the year 2021, it is estimated that Fahriye Evcen has a net worth somewhere in the range of $1 Million to $5 Million Dollars. Additionally, she is a well-known actor.

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Getting Married and Having a Husband:
Alongside Her Partner, Burak Ozcivit
Her wedding to the brilliant actor and model Burak Ozcivit took place in Istanbul on June 29th, 2017. On April 13th, 2019, they welcomed a son called Karan into the world.

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