Farar Novel By Pervez Bilgrami

Farar Novel By Pervez Bilgrami Pdf

Farar Novel Written By Pervez Bilgrami is an interesting novel contains a fiction adventure jasoosi story in Urdu language.

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None of us were born immediately absent-minded or inattentive. Many people consider them “glorious flaws,” but they can lead to real tragedies: car accidents or factory accidents. Such people in ordinary life bring a lot of trouble, because they also cannot build normal relations due to constant domestic “accidents”, and at work they are unlikely to bring much benefit.

Absent-mindedness has absolutely nothing to do with memory, it is a violation of attention. This trait is acquired, so you need to get rid of it if you want to change your life for the better and make it easier for those around you, to whom you bring, albeit minor, but troubles.

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