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My Favourite Book Essay in English for Class 10

My Favourite Book Essay


(The Holy Quran) I have read many books. But the Holy Quran is my favourite book. It is the last book of Allah. It was revealed on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Holy Quran is a source of guidance for the whole human race.

It discusses all the aspects of human life. Allah is the author of this book. It can meet all the challenges of the world. I love the Holy Quran very much. I recite it daily. I read its Urdu translation. It has changed my entire life. I try my best to live according to the teachings of Islam. The Holy Quran is the most widely read book of the world.

No person can dare to change it. It is the same since its day of origin. Non-Muslims also study it to seek guidance. It is a store-house of wisdom. It is a complete code of life. It encourages those who fear God and it promises hell to those who are non-believers. If we act on the Holy Quran sincerely, we can solve all of our problems. May God enable us to understand Quran and act upon it. A’min.

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Gradually getting acquainted, a man and a woman understand who they are dealing with, and whether they want to continue their acquaintance further. This is exactly what happens in the early stages of a relationship. Although this does not yet resemble a relationship even close. A man and a woman go on dates, communicate, give each other gifts.

There is a closer contact, this is also an important stage when the partners get to know each other even more. At this stage, if it occurs, the partners either strengthen the relationship or break up. Sex should be an indicator of whether they will converge in this particular area, whether they are sexually suitable for each other. This is an important aspect that is not up to the mark. Of course, some moments that occur at this stage can be attributed to awkwardness, shyness, some kind of discomfort. Especially, it all depends on the experience and age of partners.

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Further, the partners appear in a more open and sincere way. Since the wall of awkwardness, shyness passes after these stages. There is no need to constantly present yourself at your best. It is then that you can become even more strengthened in the thoughts that this is your person with whom you would like to spend as much time as possible, and possibly your whole life. Or, on the contrary, partners may doubt their choice. One way or another, it is not so often that a break occurs at this stage.

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