The Feed Poem by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi Summary

The Feed Poem Summary


The mother sparrow has come to feed the young ones holding a grain of cereal. The young ones are tiny and small. When they cry it seems as if there were only beaks from head to toe. There is only one grain to feed the ten.


Now it is a question to select the recipient of the feed from the ten as to whom she should provide solace. She also realizes that her young ones now have become a little big and they have learnt to weep and complain. So she tries to break and split the grain. She also seems satisfied to see her young ones have learnt to lead life and now she is ready to put the burden of life on their own shoulders.

However, this venerable lady deserves more attention in a separate work. In addition, I think that one must start preparing for death while he is still alive. Then, perhaps, dying will not be so disgusting. At least on your deathbed, you will be able to say – “I did everything I could and did not live this one and only life in vain.” Many are trying to leave something behind. There is a metaphorical judgment that we live in our children.

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