Grimms Fairy Tales in Urdu

Grimms Fairy Tales in Urdu

Grimms Fairy Tales German traditional folk tales. This book contains the most popular and interesting articles of Russian folklore, Fable, Ghost, Fairy, Epic, Myth stories and historical legionaries in the Urdu language.



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For all my love of books, it’s almost as scary as not remembering your dentist’s dog name in the morning. Just kidding, of course, it’s even worse. It seems that about a year and a half ago I was going to read it, and I definitely got acquainted with its content. I’ve definitely read passages from several chapters. But have I read this book from start to finish? Obviously I could – I read a lot electronically. But I would remember! Or not? This story had a funny continuation, which I will tell you about at the end of the article (there will also be a very funny indecent anecdote). However, I realized one thing: it’s not that I was over 25 years old. The fact is that the quality of my reading suffered greatly.

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