What are the Groups of Placental Mammals

Groups of Placental Mammals


Placental mammals have 19 orders. Some are as follows:


Insect Eating Mammals:


They eat insect and nocturnal in habit. Their examples are shrew, mole etc.



Edentate mammals:


Their nails are long and strong. With the help of nails they dig burrows to live. They eat worms, insects and ants etc. Their examples are sloth, armadillo and pangolin etc.


Rodent mammals:


Their front teeth (incisors) are pointed and sharp. They eat vegetables, fruits and seeds. Their examples are rabbit, mouse and squirrel etc.



Flying Animals:


These mammals can fly. Their fore limbs are modified into wings. They are nocturnal in habit. Their sense of hearing is well developed. Their examples are bat.



Hoofed Mammals:


They are herbivore. They are ruminants. Fore limbs and hind limbs are provided with hoofs. Their examples are camel, horse, cow, buffalo, goat, zebra etc.

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Trunked mammals:


In these mammals upper lip and nose becomes long to form a trunk. They are biggest animals on land. They are herbivore. Trunk is used to take food. Their example is elephant.



Carnivorous mammals:


These mammals eat meat. Their teeth and nails are very sharp and strong. Their common examples are lion, cheetah, wolf, dog and bear etc.


Fish Like Mammals:

They are totally marine. They look like fish. Their arms and legs are reduced to form oars like structure which help them to swim. Their examples are whale and dolphin etc.


Most Intelligent mammals:


Their brain is highly developed. Their examples are man, monkey, gorilla and chimpanzee etc.


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