Guess Paper 10th Class Chemistry 2022

Guess Paper for Matric Chemistry

Matric Chemistry Guess

  • Define pH. What is the pH of pure water?
  • Why pure water is not a strong electrolyte?
  • Find the pH of .001 M solution of KOH.
  • Which salts are responsible for hardness of water?
  • Why salt is neutral? Explain with an example.
  • What are acidic salts? Write one chemical equation of their reaction with bases.
  • Write condensed formula of any two hydro carbons.
  • Write names of any two methods of preparation of salts.
  • Give the reactions of chlorine with hydro carbons.
  • What are closed chain hydrocarbons? Give two examples.
  • What are saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon, give example?
  • Why are hydrocarbons considered as parent organic compounds?
  • How hydro carbons act as fuel?
  • Give difference between saturated and unsaturated hydro carbon.
  • Write the names and general formulas of unsaturated hydro carbons.
  • Give two uses of Methane.
  • What are cyclic and acyclic compounds?
  • What happens when methane is treated with chlorine in the presence of bright sunlight?
  • How are alkyl halides reduced?
  • What is Dehydrohalogenation of Alkyl Halides?
  • Write sources of vitamins A and D.
  • Write names of water soluble vitamins.
  • Justify water soluble vitamins are not injurious to health.
  • What are Fat Soluble Vitamins? Write their examples.
  • Write down diseases born by the deficiency of vitamin A.
  • Write uses of Vitamin-D.
  • Write the names and formulae of two fatty acids.
  • What are fatty acids? Give one example.
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Other Chemistry Important Questions for 10th

If you need a tutor, then you need to notify the parents about this, or start calculating the required amount yourself. In the case of preparation without a teacher, it is necessary to very clearly distribute the load and every day (well, or almost every day) devote some period of time to studying the material. You can’t let things take their course and do it only when you want to.

Slow down the ardor in the study of unnecessary subjects. In grade 11 , when you need to solve tests in full, you should not waste time on a thorough study of those subjects that do not need to be taken. It is worth discussing this with parents and asking them to lower the academic requirements. Still, the priority is not the top five in music, but good scores on the exam .

10. Check the material: how durable , water- repellent and easy to clean;

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