Guess Paper 9th Class English 2022

Guess Paper 9th Class English 2022


  1. What type of land Arabia is?
  2. Why was the holy Quran sent in Arabic?
  3. What was the condition of mankind before the holy prophet (saw)?
  4. What was the first revelation? 5. How will you define patriotism?
  5. What are the qualities of a patriot?
  6. What is the most important function that media performs?
  7. How does media provide entertainment?
  8. Give three reasons in support of your favorite TV program?
  9. Why was Hazrat Abu Quhaffa worried?
  10. How did Hazrat Asma (RA) console her grandfather?
  11. What message do you get from the life of Hazrat Asma (RA)?
  12. She lived a life of hardships but never swerved, comment?
  13. What is the central idea of the poem Daffodils?
  14. What was Quaid’s concept of our nation? 16. What can be the possible solution to our present problems?
  15. How can we become a strong nation?
  16. Why Sultan Ahmed Mosque is also known as Blue Mosque?
  17. How does the interior of the mosque look?
  18. Who constructed the Mosque Sophia?
  19. What does Royal Kiosk mean?
  20. Why does the speaker stop on the darkest evening of the year?
  21. Why did the nurse ask Hira’s sister to come and talk to her?
  22. Describe some qualities of the personality of the nurse in the story?
  23. Why did the nurse say “ Where there is will, there is a way”?
  24. What are the effects of drug addiction?
  25. What are the causes of drug addiction?
  26. What is the role of counseling in the prevention of drug addiction?
  27. How do you define noise pollution?
  28. How is transport a source of noise pollution?
  29. How is the use of technology causing noise pollution?
  30. Why is noise hazardous for human health?
  31. Who was Helen Keller?
  32. What did she want to introduce in universities and why?
  33. What makes you feel that authoress is sad and depressed?
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Their work or creativity was of no use or interest to anyone, and so on. etc. Fate challenged them one by one, and, overcoming another obstacle, these people became stronger. And, consequently, they had the strength to cope with more serious tasks, which ultimately led them to foreseeable success. And the winner is not the one who does not fall, but the one who, after the fall, can rise.

When we talk with our parents, or older relatives – grandparents, we often hear from them – How good it was in our youth. And this despite the fact that many suffered hardships, their lives were not arranged, as they are now. We look at them and think – On the contrary, it’s so good for you now, you are retired, you don’t need to run anywhere, decide something, achieve something, think about how to earn money. And it would seem – the truth, the way it is. But then you realize that at the age already, health is not the same, and you won’t run anywhere especially. And most importantly, there is a charm in the presence of those problems – after all, you are young and full of strength, and you can handle them.

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Therefore, when faced with any problematic life situation, the most important thing is not to lose heart, not to blame yourself or others, but to try to calm down and understand what can I do to make me feel at least a little better? What can I do to correct this situation? And even if in the end nothing works out – you can say to yourself – perhaps I didn’t need it so much, because I did EVERYTHING I COULD.

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