9th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2022

9th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2022

Today we are going to share with you the 9th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2022 with all of our readers or students or for those who are teaching means teachers. So check the 9th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2020 below : –

Short Questions :

Charlas Babbage,e.d.c, Simulation, Lisp,

Interpreter Compiler, Input & System Unit, CPU, Video Controller,

Main Memory, SRAM, DRAM. Prom, Eprom, Eeprom,

Seek Time, Data Rate, High & Low Level Formatting,

Numeric & Alphabetic Data, Asci, Ebcdic, Gate, Minterm, Maxterm,

OS, Language Translator, Dos Commands (dir,cd.md,attrib,path,prompt,type,copy,delete),

Disk Drive, File Extension, Task Bar, Multitasking, Hardware Compatibility, Virus, Antivirus…

3,4 Generation,

Types of Computer,


Printers, Plotter,

Input Devices, Note on Number System,

1,s and 2,s Complement,

Computer Code,

Truth Table & Page 94 to 97


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