Guess Paper English 9th Class for Translations

Guess Paper English 9th Class



Chapter 1 (3,6,9)

Chapter 2 (1,3)

Chapter 4 (2,4,7)

Chapter 6 (1,4)

Chapter 7 (4,6,10)

Chapter 9 (8,10)

The story of a man who returned home after the Gulf War unfolds in front of us as a tape of reflections on the past and present, presented in the form of photographs, videos and audio recordings. PRY uses an interface that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the novel. Unsurprisingly, when you read (or play) PRY, your brain is not very ready for the experience. You are invited to feel the immediacy of what is happening, interact with what is written, use your body not only to turn the page, but also to continue the development of the plot. At first, you will feel anxiety: what if you do something wrong? suddenly miss something? However, later you will feel how the brain adapts to a new, albeit unusual, text.

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