Guess Paper Math 9th Class Chapter No 4

Math Guess Paper for 9th Class

Chapter No 4

Ex # 4.1 — > Questions 3,6

Ex # 4.2 — > Questions 1,4.13

Ex # 4.3 — > Questions 2,3

Ex # 4.4 — > Questions 1,5,6



The contribution of multimedia is crucial in learning a foreign language
Learning a second language cannot only be done in books! On this obvious aspect, the educational tablet is a real plus because it brings together in one place the written, the visual and the sound. All in a light and transportable object! The student can therefore read words or sentences in a foreign language but also hear the correct pronunciation and himself practice saying them correctly, while possibly being corrected by the application. There is also the possibility of seeing videos or animations that place the student in situations close to reality and allow them to work on their hearing in the foreign language studied.

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