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Guess Paper Urdu 10th Class Essays

Urdu Guess Paper 2017 for 10th Class


Mehnat ki Barkten

Pabandi e Waqat

Sacience K Krishmae

Eiden / Hobulwatni

Elam k Faeday

Talab Elam k Fraez

Maan Baap k Saath Slook



It is up to the teacher to create the conditions so that the work carried out is a source of social interaction: group work, oral presentations, etc. In addition, an educational tablet is only a work support and it should not make traditional activities disappear. Students do not have equal access to technological resource It is a fact that not all families have the same access to recent computer equipment and do not offer the same support for the child in his first steps in the digital world. But it is precisely because of these inequalities that the school must put in place dedicated and available tools for each student. Technology in the classroom therefore makes it possible to partially erase the inevitable inequalities between families.

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