The Gulistan of Saadi Question Answers

The Gulistan of Saadi Question


Q1. What do you know about Sheikh Saadi?


Ans. Abū Muslih-ud-Din bin Abdullah Shīrāzī (died 691 AH), better known by his pen-name as Sheikh Saadī Shirazi , was one of the major Persian poets of the medieval period. He is recognized not only for the quality of his writing, but also for the depth of his social thoughts. His best known works are Bostan (“The Orchard”) completed in 1257 and Gulistan (“The Rose Garden”) in 1258, which are a description of Saadi’s travels and analysis of human psychology and wisdom.



Q2. How did Nushirvan advise to his people?


Ans. Nushirvan-the great Persian King, who was known for his justice and kindness, warned his subject/people against destruction by cruelty and injustice. He advised them, “A tyrant does not remain in the world; but the curse on him abides forever”, mean an unjust and cruel is cursed forever and there are no sound existence of such a king. On another occasion Sheikh Saadi remarked about an unjust king in the following words:- “A tyrant cannot be a Sultan, As a wolf can‟t be a shepherd, A king who establishes oppression, Destroys the basis of the wall of his own reign”.

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Q3. What remedy was suggested by the physician for the disease of the king?


Ans. The physician prescribed the king that his disease could only be cured with the bile of a person having certain qualities. His servants searched for such person and at last a farmer‟s son was found to have the required qualities. The king also got the consent of the boy‟s parents by presenting them handsome sum.



Q4. Why did the boy look towards the sky and smile?


Ans. The boy looked towards the sky to seek justice from Almighty Allah against the brutality of the king and smiled at the foolishness and lust of his parents for the trash of the world that for a little sum they forgot the parents-son relationship. The boy also said that if the king failed to get agreement of his parents, they would seek justice from Qazi. On the contrary, the parents agreed for his bloodshed and the Qazi who was to do justice also passed the decree for his assassination.

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Q5. What should be the role of Qazi?


Ans. A Qazi should be a paragon of justice having considerable knowledge and understanding of social and moral laws. He should be impartial and not to be influenced by the Rulers and Kings of any state. His decision should be on merit regardless of social status and position.



Q6. Why did the king weep?


Ans. The king when listened to the words of helpless boy. He considered himself to be cruel and unjust, who is going to kill an innocent boy for his health. He also though about his foolishness that he was dependent upon the worldly provisions while the little boy was seeking justice from Allah. With these feeling, he started weeping and released the boy with wealth and affection.

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