Health Essay in English for 10th Class

Health Essay in English


Working properly of all the systems of a living being is called health. “Health is wealth” is a famous proverb often quoted by parents and teachers.

Health is, no doubt, a great blessing of God. If one loses health, he will surely be left behind in his work because a sound body has a sound brain. We should take care of our health. We should keep our environment clean and take simple food and balanced diet. Early to bed and early to rise makes man healthy wealthy and wise.

We should take exercise daily and keep our body clean. We should have our meals at regular intervals. We should brush our teeth daily and cut our nails regularly. We should not indulge in such activities which are injurious to our health.

Smoking and drinking should be given up in order to attain sound health and physical strength. Sometimes staying at one place for several years makes us weary and stale. It indicates that we need a change in our environment. If we go to some other place, it will do us a great favour. Change of environment and fresh air are better than all the tonics of the world.

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We should avoid to eat outdoor because homemade cookies are pure and the safest in the world.





The easiest way to read more is to set aside a period of time to read. Someone advises to do this before bedtime, and someone in the morning. In general, the choice is yours, the main thing is to do it every day. This approach basically works for any hobby. Even if you do it for 15 minutes a day, you can achieve more than if you did nothing at all. For reading, they still recommend either a clear volume (for example, 20 pages or a chapter), or at least half an hour. There is also a 10% percent rule, which implies that in one approach you read a tenth of the entire volume of the book. Before you say, “I don’t have time,” think how many hours a day you spend, say, in social networks. In order to find the time, you just need to set a specific hour and stick to it – you yourself will not notice how the time “unexpectedly” appears.

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