Heat Lightning Play Short Questions

Heat Lightning Questions Answers


Q1. What did the girl can’t describe the killer?


Ans. The girl couldn’t describe the killer because she was extremely frightened and nervous. She completely lost her senses, when she saw the killer dragging the dead body of the woman. Later, she was also chased by the killer and she was certain that she would also be murdered. In this anxiety, she was not able to muster up her courage to give details regarding the murderer/ killer.



Q2. Why did the girl leave her on the side of the road?


Ans. She left her car solely because her car ran short of fuel/gas. It was a stormy night with heavy rain and she banked her car along the road side. As a last resort, she came out of her car with the hope to get help or any other assistance from the passers-by. As she was strolling along the road, she was horror-stricken by the terrible scene.

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Q3. Why did the girl consider the first man her helper?


Ans. The girl saw a horrible act, which made her extremely nervous and disturbed. The uncountable fear and threat of being chase and murdered kept on haunting her mind. In alarmed state, she reached the bus stop; where she came across the first man, whose compassionate and kind words made her trust him. He posed as if he were her well-wisher as he positively inquired the murder case and suggested her positively to inform the police. The first man also pretended to hide/save her, when the second man arrived. The frightened girl blindly trusted him as her well-wisher and she was far away from considering the first man, the murderer.

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