The Hollow Men Poem Summary

The Hollow Men Summary


We are worthless men. We are stuffed like statues. We try to rest upon each other. But there is no wisdom in our minds. Alas! We can convey nothing though we speak a lot. Our words are as meaning less as the sounds made by dry grass or sounds of rats in a cellar bin.


Our appearance is mere appearance as any shadow without colour. Our gestures are like paralyzed without any warmth or emotion. We seem strong but infact we are too weak to be called alive.


The people who have passed away consider us without bothering about our frustration, only as hollow walking souls. We are nothing but stuffed statues.

Individual book of life. To start writing about life, one must remember that death, judging from the teachings of the Toltecs, is our best adviser, who always stands behind us, no further than at arm’s length. It sounds, of course, scary, but the fact is that we are all still mortal. “On average, people differ from each other by every thousandth nucleotide in DNA molecules, and the total number of nucleotides in the genome is more than 3 billion. Thus, humans differ by 3 million nucleotides. … one or two nucleotides, or even a thousand and a million out of 3 billion. “

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