How to Get into Kellogg MBA

How to Get into Kellogg MBA

The Kellogg School of Management is famous for its popularity: in the Business Week ratings, the school constantly ranks first. Naturally, every year the number of applicants grows. The school has to go to unpopular methods and refuse many. Associate Dean Beth Fly talks about how Kellogg admits and doesn’t accept students.
How do you assess the results of the first round compared to the previous year?
Fly: I am pleased to note that this year the number of applicants has increased. The quality of applicants has improved. On the one hand, it will be difficult to enter the school this year. On the other hand, I have no doubt that these graduates will easily find jobs.

How to Get into Kellogg MBA

Does Kellogg have an intensive math prep program for those students who are not strong in this area?
Fly: No. But we have an online mathematical course, which is designed for accepted applicants. This course is short, but it helps you brush up on math and get you ready for class.

How important is a high GMAT score to Kellogg?
Fly: Of course, the results of the test are important. However, we have no such thing as a passing score. Even if your GMAT is slightly below 600, you can still apply. Highlight your strengths in an essay, and then retake the test.

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Can I get into Kellogg if the applicant already has an MBA?
Fly: Why not. The presence of an MBA is not a minus at all, rather, on the contrary. However, the candidate needs to explain why he or she wants to take the degree again.

How is Kellogg different in general management from other schools?
Fly: I would say that a strong school program is the result of many factors. When people come to us, they want to get high-quality knowledge. This is what makes us constantly improve our program, make it accessible to both specialists and beginners in this field.

What percentage of students get married or get married while earning a degree?
Fly: About 5%. 42% are already married or married. We have a wonderful club, Joint Ventures (JV), which helps couples of students find friends. There is also the KelloggKids, a group of students who have children.

Do you provide housing on campus for the student’s family?
Fly: Yes, of course. For this we have special residences. Families can rent apartments close to campus. By the way, very often families of different generations of students move into the same apartments.

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How do you choose those students who will receive scholarships? Should I mention this in my essays?
Fly: Each applicant is considered a scholarship candidate, so nothing else is needed. Scholarships can be mentioned in an essay, but this should be done with elegance.

If the university refuses to certify the transcript, can it be translated and certified by a notary firm?
Fly: Yes, that’s acceptable.

How do you understand non-American transcripts? Can something serve as confirmation of the quality of education?
Fly: Every year, students from over 225 universities around the world apply to us. Of course, there is no unified system for assessing the quality of education received – therefore it is very difficult to judge this by transcripts. In most cases, an addendum is attached to the transcript, which allows us to approximately assess the level of the student’s preparation. We also have special literature, according to which we can determine what kind of education system and knowledge assessment is in a particular country. For students, I would recommend attaching a brief description to the transcript.

Is it true that it is easier for applicants who are paid by the company to become students?
Fly: Absolutely not. Of course, if the company is ready to finance the training of its employee, this is a kind of guarantee that the applicant is really good. However, to confirm this, a lot of other things are needed.

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Is it important to describe in detail all the functions in an essay or is it enough to write just a position?
Fly: We know a lot about different industries and roughly understand what position implies what responsibilities. However, more information would not hurt.

What is Kellogg focusing on?
Fly: It’s general management, finance and marketing. Very often, students choose these three specializations.

Is it necessary to get recommendations from the authorities?
Fly: Both recommendations should be work-related. In many cases, applicants take one recommendation from a superior and another from a subordinate. The main thing is to choose a person who knows you. The recommendation should not be intuitive – the recommender should clearly understand what he is writing and back up the words with examples.

Is age a clear disadvantage in admission?
Fly: We don’t focus on the age of the applicant. Our field is his or her work experience, achievements, degree readiness. We do not care how old the applicant is: 25 or 35. The average age of the previous class was 28.

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