Humayun Nama By Gul Badan Begam

Humayun Nama By Gul Badan Begam

The name of the book is “Humayun Nama” The History of Humayun . Humayun nama was written by Princess Gul Badan, Annette S. Beveridge.

Princess Gul Badan Begam was a daughter of Zaheer-ud-din Muhammad Babar, in whom were united the lines of highest Central Asian aristocracy namely, that of Timur the Turk, through his son Miran-shah; and that of Chingiz the Mughal, through his son Chughtai Khan. He was born on February 14th, 1483, and succeeded to his father’s principality of Farghana when under twelve. He spent ten years of his youth in Afghanistan, trying to save his small domain from the clutch of kinsmen, but being forced to abandon the task, went southwards in 1504 to Afghanistan, where he was captured by Kabul from its Arghun usurpers.


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