Iblees e Misar Novel By Almas M.A

Iblees e Misar Novel

Iblees e Misar Novel is an interesting historical novel authored by Almas MA This novel contains complete history and life story of Firan Ramses in Urdu language. Ramses was the Firaon of the ancient Egypt at the time of Prophet Musa a.a. Learn full story in Urdu language. Distance learning can be of two types – via Skype and using webinars. It should be noted that the second method is more acceptable for group teaching, but some “advanced” teachers use it for individual lessons as well. In both cases, we are talking about the fact that the tutor sits in front of a computer or other gadget with a webcam and thus presents the material to the student. He can send or upload to the network methodological and visual aids. Written assignments can be completed directly in the online chat.


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