Internal Structure of Brassica Root

Internal Structure of Brassica Root


  1. A) Morphology:


It is an underground part of plant. It arises from radical of seed. It has following types:-


  1. i) The root which arises from radical of seed is called primary root.


  1. ii) The root which arises from primary root is called secondary root.


iii) The root which arises from secondary root is called tertiary root.


  1. iv) A cap like structure made up of dead cells is also present called root cap.


  1. v) Small hairs are also present behind root cap are called root hairs.



  1. B) Anatomy:


  1. i) Epidermis is the outer most structure of root. Its function is protection and absorption.


  1. ii) Cortex is present next to epidermis. They are intercellular spaces basically made up of parenchyma cells. Their function is storage of food.


iii) Endodermis is present next of cortex. They have no intercellular spaces due to special chemical thicking. Its function is to reduce the laws of water from xylem and phloem.

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  1. C) Pericycle:


  1. i) It is the single layer present next to the endodermis and composed of vascular bundles. Vascular bundles are further composed of xylem and phloem tissues.


  1. ii) Xylem is present in star shape and its function is transportation of water from roots to leaves.


iii) Phloem is present in bundles and its function is the transportation of food in different parts of plant.


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