How is Irony used in the Short Story the Necklace

Irony used in the Story the Necklace


When we go through the story carefully, we find that Mathilda’s life was going on very well. Although she was not satisfied with her life, yet she was living better than most of the middle class women. She had a loving husband. She had a maidservant who did everything for her. She was very beautiful and looked out of her dress. All this suggests that her life was all right.


Now chance played its role and changed all her life. Her husband brought an invitation to the ball at the Minister’s residence. She had no jewel to wear on the party. She went to her friend and borrowed a necklace to wear. She was very happy, but a small thing happened. She lost her necklace. It was necessary to replace that necklace. Her husband borrowed the money from every possible source and brought the necklace.

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Chance again played its role. When she went to return the necklace, her friend did not open the jewel box. Actually, the necklace she had borrowed from her friend was false and she was returning the real one. If she had opened the jewel case, she would have come to know that fact and Mathilda would have been saved from future sufferings.


However, chance or fate did not let her friend open the jewel case. Now their life changed and they lost everything.


It proves that chance is more powerful than human resolution. It is man’s destiny.


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