Khalifa Haroon-ur-Rasheed History in Urdu pdf


Harun al-Rasheed

Harun al-Rasheed a biography Written by Aslam Rahi MA

Harun-ur-Rasheed (766 -809) was the fifth Arab Abbasid Caliph. He dominated from 786 to 809 over the Muslim world. His era was markedly scientific, cultural and non secular prosperity. Art and Islamic poetry Hamd and Naat conjointly flourished substantially throughout his reign. He also established the library of Bait al-Hikmah.

About twenty three years he dominated by an associate empire that was welded along a broad border of the planet extending from China, bordering Bharat and Byzantium through the Mediterranean to the ocean. Herein men, material and concepts might flow freely across continental divides.


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