Khawab Sarab by Effit Sehar Pasha PDF

Khawab Sarab by Effit Sehar Pasha

This is one of the best piece of Khawab Sarab From the collection of or Written by Effit Sehar Pasha It have 20 (Twenty Only) Pages.

You need to look at the screen
This is a big drawback for those who look at a computer monitor all day at work. Eyes get tired from constant contact with the screen, health problems arise. E-books fully imitate the paper equivalent, but a psychological factor can also play here, some simply cannot look at the display anymore.

You don’t “enjoy reading the book.”
There is something about turning pages. This is what you grew up with. It is a little upsetting that future generations may not know what it is.

Ebooks are harder to read in bright light
Reflection of the sun interferes with reading. Paper media are better suited for a beach holiday.

Remember to charge
The e-reader is only useful if it is charged. Paper books never need to be energized.

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