Kindness is a Great Virtue Short Story

Kindness is a Great Virtue

Once the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was going to a certain place along with his companions. On their way, one of the companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) saw a nest of sparrows in a bush. He picked up the young ones of sparrows. All at once, the sparrows began to cry and fly over their heads wildly. The Holy Prophet (PBUM) asked his companions why they were flying so wildly. He (PBUM) was told the whole story.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) felt sorry for the poor little birds and advised his companions put the baby sparrows back into the nest. On this, the sparrows felt relief. This act shows that our Holy Prophet (PBUH) was not only kind to human beings but also on birds, animals and even to the small insects. He said, “Be kind to others, God will be kind to, God will be kind to you.

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Moral Lesson:

God is kind to one who is kind to others

Kindness is a great virtue



Psychology: what is selfishness?

Egoism is a quality of character in which a person puts his interests more important and significant than those around him and focuses only on his own desires and preferences. In addition, such an attitude is manifested not only to individuals, but also to entire groups of people, for example, in a work team. Egoists by nature, do not show moral qualities for the benefit of a neighbor person, if they do not see benefits in this, and are stingy in providing assistance. For such people, there is only personal motivation based on individuality and indifference to the feelings and aspirations of the people around them.


• Reasonable selfishness is based on a developed understanding of life and willingness to cooperate through mutually beneficial relationships. People of such a warehouse try to get everything that can bring benefits, but at the same time taking into account other people’s opinions and aspirations. They approach everything with ethics and compromise decisions in frequent discussions of important issues with the people around them.

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