What is Kingdom Fungi in Biology

Kingdom Fungi in Biology


Kingdom Fungi

Fungi are a group of unicellular to multicellular, thalloid, heterotrophic, eukaryotic living organisms having a body called MYCELLIUM, made up of HYPHAE which are non- chlorophyllous & have cell wall (made up of chitin).


Reproduction is usually ASEXUAL by means of spores”.


Fungi Are Neither Completely Plants Nor Animals


Previously fungi were regarded as plants as they resemble the plants in many characteristics. But in addition fungi have many qualities just like the animals. 80 they are regarded in the midway between plants and animals.


Plant Like Characteristics Of Fungi


Fungi resemble the plants in:


1- Having Cell Wall

2- Lacking Centrioles

3- Being non-motile


Animal Like Characteristics Of Fungi


But Fungi also resemble with animals as they are


1- Heterotrophic

2- Lack cellulose in their cell wall

3- Presence of chitin


It means that Fungi are neither completely plants nor animals.

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Detail studies also confirm that Fungi are different from all other organisms.


Nuclear Mitosis

They have a characteristic mitosis called Nuclear-mitosis during which nuclear membrane does not break & spindle is formed with in the nucleus.


Some Representatives of Kingdom Fungi


Examples are as follows:-







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