Koi Baat hai tery Baat main By Umaira Ahmad

Koi Baat hai tery Baat main

“Koi baat hai tery baat main” written by Umaira Ahmad. This is a very beautiful and popular romantic and social Urdu novel of the author. It’s all about the magic bubbles in the screen, which is created using a special technology. Now I will not dwell on this, I will just say that mainly readers are made on the basis of an e-ink screen (electronic ink). The most important properties of such a screen is that it does not flicker or glow like a normal computer monitor. That is, in terms of optical indicators, it is close to ordinary paper: we see letters thanks to external light sources. All this, together with the ability to choose a comfortable and hygienic font, allows you to read books with almost the same convenience as with paper.



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