Liana Liberato Age Biography, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Liana Liberato Age Biography

Liana Liberato Age Biography: Liana Daine Liberato is a stunning American actress, and her age and biography may be seen here. Her part in the composition “Light as a Feather” has brought her a great deal of notoriety.

Liana Liberato Age

Her birthday is August 20th, 1995, and she was born in Galveston, Texas, in the United States. The date of birth for Liana Liberato is.

Liana Liberato Family:

Additionally, she is the daughter of George Liberato and Rhondelle Liberato.

Liana Liberato Age Biography, Stats on Height, Weight & Career:

Cold Case was the first role that Liberato had played professionally in her acting career. In addition, she was included in the music video for the song “7 Things.” The following year, she had an appearance in the fourth season of House and was featured in the June edition of The New York Times Magazine. In 2007, Liberato was cast in the lead role in the feature film The Last Sin Eater, which was produced by 20th Century Fox Experience. The Silver Hugo Awards were bestowed to her in recognition of her outstanding performance, which was praised by Roger Ebert in his review of the movie. In addition to that, her character was shown in the movie Trespass. In the film If I Stay, she played the role of Kim, and in the movie The Best of Me, she portrayed a younger version of the female protagonist. In 2014, Liberato was recognised by IndieWire as one of the most likely finest performers under the age of 20. The Last Sin Eater is one of the movies (2007) (Cadi Forbes) Harbor of Refuge (2007) (Philippa “Pip” MacKenzie) Trust (2010) (Annie Cameron) Trespass (2011) (2011) (Avery Miller) Erased (2012) (2012) (Amy Logan) Stuck in Love (2012) (Kate) Jake Squared (2013) (Joanne as a Young Adult) Free Ride (2013) (MJ) Haunt (2013) If I Stay (song by Samantha Richards) (2014) (Kim Schein) The Best of Me (2014) (A younger version of Amanda Collier) To the lovely Eleanor (2016) (Ellie Potter) Novitiate (2017) (2017) (Sister Emily) Right Down to the marrow (2017) (Kelly) You are one mile away from me (2017) (Henny) Isabel (2017) (Isabel) Nobody Knows (2017) (Cheyenne Bridell) The True Metrics of a Man (2018) (Michelle Marks) Banana Split (2018) To the Stars, (Clara) To the Stars (2019) (Maggie Richmond) The House at the Beach (2019) Emily, please keep your voice down (TBA) (Nora Grey) The Inside, a television show from 2005 (Dina Presley) The case of Cold (2005) (Charlotte Jones) House (2005), CSI: Miami (2005), and Sons of Anarchy (2008) all starred Amy Manning (2008-09) (Tristen Oswald) Paradise Drive (2012) (Liana) As Featherlike as a Cloud (2018-present) (McKenna Brady / Jennifer Brady) Day by Day (2020) (voice) The following are music videos: “7 Things” (2008) “Maybe” (2011) “Stranger Things” (2018) Awards Won and Submitted for Consideration: Silver Hugo Awards Awards given out by the Chicago Film Critics Association and the Women’s Film Critics Circle

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Liana Liberato Net Worth

Liana Liberato’s net worth is estimated to be about $2 Million Dollars as of the year 2021, when the Daytime Emmy Awards were held. She also has acting chops and is really gifted.

Liana Liberato Personal Life:

In the year 2020, she became engaged to her long-term companion Tommy O’Brien.

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