Libraries Essay in English for 10th Class

Libraries Essay in English


Libraries are part and parcel of a civilized society. They are huge store of knowledge. Every library has a large number of books on many subjects. Libraries provide us information about current affairs as well as past events.

People doing research can avail themselves a lot from the libraries. Libraries quench the thirst for knowledge. They supplement the readers knowledge by providing exact and latest information. It is a matter of regret that our library system is not functioning properly.

Our libraries remain open when people are busy in their work and they are closed in the evening when people are free from daily business. There is no whole-time staff for libraries. Besides this, there is no incentive to read general books.

There is no proper ventilation system in our libraries. Books lying in locked shelves stink awfully due to want of fresh air. Libraries play an important role in creating a genuine love of books and interest in current affairs.

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The reading rooms of libraries develop a sense of discipline, research and enquiry. There is a variety of attractive titles in a library which bring about a healthy and beneficial effect on the eager minds of the readers.



Mikhail Pavlovets, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of Moscow State Pedagogical University In the development of literary education at its present stage, two mutually exclusive tendencies have developed. The first of them is based on the practice of a number of leading modern language teachers, who came in their experience much the same as literary education in countries with a highly developed educational system, when the goal of the academic discipline is “literature” (or “native language and literature”) it is considered, first of all, the formation of a student’s natural need for reading and creative interpretation of what has been read, and therefore the formation of speech competencies

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