List of Important Synonyms and Antonyms for NTS PPSC FPSC

Synonyms and Antonyms for NTS PPSC FPSC

Today we have a plan to share with the most important Synonyms and Antonyms list only for NTS PPSC FPSC students just for their best preparation. As we have normally take educational data from past papers and few authentic different online resources to gather it in a single platform, so that these are easy to findable especially for those who don’t know how to search and find something at Internet. The opportunity to take part in the highest quality or prestigious programs – you can attend courses at the best educational institutions that are conducted by well-known specialists – regardless of where they pass. We have tried to shared all the important Synonyms and Antonyms for NTS PPSC FPSC students here. Anyways, let’s take a look at Synonyms and Antonyms for NTS PPSC FPSC Students.

Q.1.(a) Pick the word that is nearly similar in meaning to the capitalized word. (5)

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(Do anyFIVE). Extra attempt of any Part of the question will not be considered.

(a) Bitter (b) Provocative (c) Cheap (d) Volatile

(a) Computers (b) Handwriting (c) Blood pressure (d) Brain waves

(a) Variable (b) Plain (c) Unmistakable (d) Negligent

(a) Conclude (b) End (c) Affection (d) Death

(a) Happy (b) Sneer (c) Causing fire (d) Jolly

(a) Remind (b) A hall (c) At rest (d) Criterion

(vii) VOID
(a) Emptiness (b) Lea (c) Anger (d) Trick

(viii) ESSAY
(a) Direct (b) Compose (c) Attempt (d) Suppose

(b) Indicate the most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters: (5)

(Do only FIVE). Extra attempt of any Part of the question will not be considered.

(a) Lowly (b) Vile (c) Good (d) Noble

(a) Sorrowful (b) Happy (c) Forbidden (d) Brisk

(a) Preserve (b) Destroy (c) Ravage (d) Design

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(iv) ALLY
(a) Alloy (b) Foe (c) Partner (d) Accessory

(a) Coarse (b) Gross (c) Exquisite (d) Obscene

(a) Sham (b) Substantiate (c) Feign (d) Fabricate

(a) Permission (b) Licence (c) Serfdom (d) Bound

(a) Uncorrupt (b) Honourable (c) Principled (d) Profligate

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It should be mentioned here that the language can be not only Russian , English or French. Language refers to any method of communication and transmission of information. Thus, body language, body language, and even the so-called “baby language” are known to mankind. After all, scientists have long found out that all babies in the world speak the same language, incomprehensible to adults. And only then they begin to master the languages of their environment.

Thus, language can be considered all the ways that we use to communicate and convey our thoughts. Not so obvious are programming languages, mathematical formulas, paintings, with the help of which artists share their worldview.

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Linguistics considers language to be a living creature, just like a person. Language is also born, develops and improves, and then dies.



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