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Louis Pasteur Question Answers

Louis Pasteur Question Answers


Q. 1:    Who is the writer of the essay “Louis Pasteur”?


Ans:    Margaret Avery is the writer is the essay” Louis Pasteur.



Q. 2:    Describe the early life of Pasteur?


Ans:    Pasteur belonged to a humble family. He lived in a village from where he got early education. Then he moved to city and became a famous scientist in history.



Q. 3:    Give some instances of Pasteur?


Ans:    Pasteur was a great patriot. He offered himself to serve in the army. He worked for France in the field for science. He saved the wine and silk industry of France. Once. He donated all his savings t the welfare of France.



Q. 4:    What do you men by „spontaneous generation?


Ans:    Spontaneous generation means that things change without the external influence.



Q. 5: How did Pasteur prove that” spontaneous generation?

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Ans:    Pasteur proved that things change because of bacteria. Things do not change without external influence.



Q. 6: What help did Pasteur render in curing the “silkworm” disease in his country?


Ans:    Pasteur advised the rearers of silkworm to avoid over-crowding’  over-heating and unhealthy conditions because these things weakned them to get disease.



Q. 7: How did Pasteur discover the treatment of the cattle disease, Anthrax?


Ans:    Pasteur cultivated the germs in such a way that they were weakned. When these germs were i8noculated into the healthy animals, they produced a mild type of illness. This protects them from different diseases.



Q. 8: Who did Pasteur discover the method of making vaccines?


Ans:    Pasteur cultivated the germ in such a way that they were weakened. When these germs were inoculated into the healthy animals, they produced a mild type of illness. This protects them from different diseases.

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Q. 9: Give and account of Pasteur’s treatment of hydrophobia?


Ans:    The first human disease for which Pasteur used inoculation was hydrophobia or Rabies. It was a horrible disease caused by the bite of a “Mad” dog.



Q. 10: How did Pasteur show the way to other scientists?


Ans:    Pasteur abolished superstitions about diseases. Diseases and death was mysterious thing. He found out their causes and brought them to the world of facts.

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