MA English Part 1 Past Papers PU 2014 Classical Poetry

Classical Poetry MA English Part 1 Past Papers 2014

ma english part 1 past papers punjab university 2014 classical poetry

Age is also the main factor that comes into play in determining whether or not a person is connected to the internet, has a computer or a smartphone or not. The higher the average age, the lower these rates.

The challenges of the digital divide for rural areas: the school example
The term digital divide generally refers to territorial inequalities in access to a quality internet network. In France, this problem is particularly visible in rural areas.

The Tarn, where network coverage is weak and where small towns lack the means to equip themselves digitally, is a good example. If we look more specifically at the school example, a rural department like this will find it difficult to compete with more densely populated urban areas that have more resources.

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