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What are the Main Characteristics of Phylum Porifera

Main Characteristics of Phylum Porifera


These animals are called Porifera because animals of this group have small pores on their bodies. These are called sponges.




They are aquatic animals and mostly found in sea water. Some are also found in fresh water.





  1. i) They are multicellular organisms.


  1. ii) The body is not organized into tissues or organs.


iii) They are found in different colours.


  1. iv) They take oxygen produced by water plants and give out carbon dioxide.





They are sessile i.e. They cannot move and remain attached with stones.





Small canal are present in the body. Water passes through these canals and provides food and oxygen to body cells. Cells also excrete their wastes in this water.





Their example in sea-water is sponge. And spongilla is in fresh water.

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