Make a Dialogue about Asking and Giving Direction

Make a Dialogue about Asking and Giving Direction

Hamza: Excuse me troubling you sir, but can you tell me the way to the museum?

Nadeem: Certainly, keep straight on along this road, take the first turn to the right, and that will bring you to a green square with flagpoles. That is Istanbul Square, cross it, and you’ll see one corner of red-brick building with a couple of domes. That is the museum.

Hamza: Thanks very much, indeed.

Nadeem: My pleasure, (A goes on walking and takes the wrong turn. He wanders around a good deal. Tired and upset, he talks to a passer-by).

Hamza: Pardon me, sir, but am I right for the museum?

Nadeem: I am sorry, sir, I don’t know. I am a stranger here myself (Another gentleman Kabir hears it and stops)

Kabir: Yes, keep straight to this way for over a mile and a half until you come to Chowk Azadi, and turn to the left. It is a good way.

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Hamza: How far, do you think?

Kabir: Take number, 117, when you come to- Chowk Azadi. That will take you to the Museum.

Hamza: Thanks.




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