The Man Who was a Hospital Question Answer

The Man Who was a Hospital Question


1: How did Jerome K. Jerome come to suspect that his liver was out of order?


Ans: He came to suspect so after reading a patent liver- pill circular and concluded that his liver was out of order.


Q. 2: What was the disease he discovered he didn’t have?


Ans: He discovered that he did not have housemaid’s Knee’. He was much disappointed for not having it.



Q. 3: Was he pleased to find he didn’t have it?


Ans: No, he rather felt hurt for not having it. He was mush disappointed at his finding.



Q. 4: What was his first reaction?


Ans: He was frozen with horror that he was the patient of all the diseases. He thought that he would be an interesting case from medical point of view.



Q. 5: Why should he be an acquisition to the medical class?

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Ans: He should be an acquisition to the medical class because students would have no need to walk around the hospital to know about different diseases as he was a hospital himself.



Q. 6: Describe his visit to the medical man?


Ans: When he went to the doctor he told him all about his diseases. The doctor at once understand the real matter. He checked him completely. He hit over his chest and head and then gave him a prescription.


Q. 7: He thought he was doing the doctor good turn by going to him .why?


Ans: He thought so because the doctor was going to get more practice out of him than seventeen hundred common patients. Therefore, he thought he was doing the doctor good turn by going to him.



Q. 8: What was the prescription given to him by the doctor?

Ans: The prescription ran: “11 lb beef steak, every 6 hours. 10 miles walk every morning, Bed at 11 sharp every night. And don’t stuff your head with things You don’t understand”.

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Q. 9: Describe his visit to the chemist?


Ans: He went to chemist gave him the prescription. The chemist replied if he had a cooperative store and a family hotel combined he would have been able to oblige him.



Q. 10: What is the significance of the doctor’s advice: don’t stuff your head with things you don’t understand?


Ans: This is a very important advice. Generally, people start to think about those things for which they have no concern. As a result, they draw false conclusion and get worried. The writer followed the advice and become healthy.



Q. 11: How had the writer walked into the reading room of the British Museumand how did he returned?


Ans: The writer walked into the reading room as a happy and healthy man. But he returned as a despaired patient.



Q. 12: Had the heart of Jerome really stopped beating?

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Ans: No, in fact he was confused. When he did not feel his heart beating in his chest, he patted himself all over his front. He felt his pulse which was very fast.



Q. 13: Why did the writer go to the British Museum?


Ans: He went to the British Museum to read the treatment of hay fever.

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