Mata E Jaan Hai Tu Novel by Farhat Ishtiaq

Mata E Jaan Hai Tu Nove

This is one of the best piece of Mata E Jaan Hai Tu From the collection of or Written by Farhat Ishtiaq It have 311 (Three Hundred and Eleven Only) Pages.

The benefits of reading

What is the use of reading? What do people mean when they say it’s good to read? Why do many people continue to read, after all, not only to relax, unwind, or just to take their free time?

The benefits of reading books are obvious. Useful reading (reading good books) broadens a person’s horizons, enriches his inner world, makes him smarter and has a positive effect on memory. It’s also important to read books because:

Reading books increases a person’s vocabulary , contributes to the development of clearer and clearer thinking, which allows you to formulate and express thoughts more clearly. Everyone can be convinced of this by their own example. One has only to thoughtfully read some classical work. Anyone who previously “could not connect two words” will notice how it has become easier with the help of speech to express their own thoughts , to express themselves and choose the right words, will notice that parasitic words disappear from the vocabulary.

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Reading books is also useful in that it develops logical thinking . Don’t believe me? And you read something from the classics of the detective genre, for example “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” – the well-known work of Arthur Conan Doyle. I assure you, after reading, in any situation you will think faster, your mind will become sharper, your observation will improve and you will understand that reading is useful and beneficial.


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