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Mere Naseeb Ki Barishain Novel by Nighat Abdullah

Meray Naseeb Ki Barishain Novel

This is one of the best piece of Mere Naseeb Ki Barishain From the collection of or Written by Nighat Abdullah It have 111 (One Hundred and Eleven Only) Pages.

How to learn to read quickly

Want to know how fast you read? Select unfamiliar text and read it timed out. Write a detailed retelling of the text to assess the quality of memorization. Count the number of characters without spaces in the source text (statistics can be found in Word) and calculate your speed using the formula:

Glance speed = Number of characters in the text x 60 seconds / Reading time in seconds
Reading speed \ u003d Speed ​​of transferring a glance x Memory quality in percent
The average reading speed is about 500 characters per minute. And the maximum that the human brain is capable of with a memorization quality of 100% is 6000 digits / min. That is, with traditional reading, we use less than 10% of our natural capabilities.

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According to the European standard, the quality of memorization must be at least 75%. For Russians, it is on average 60%. Since the indicator “Reading speed” directly depends on the quality of assimilation, then in order to reduce the time spent working with the text, it is worth starting with improving attention and memorization. This will allow you to improve your results even without using special high-speed word processing techniques.


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