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Mia Kirshner Age Biography, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Mia Kirshner Age Biography

Mia Kirshner Age Biography: Mia Kirshner is a well-known actress, writer, and social activist who hails from Canada.

Mia Kirshner Age

She entered the world on January 25th, 1975 in the city of Toronto, in the province of Ontario, Canada. Mia Krishner age is [dob]. Not Another Teen Movie (2001) and The Black Dahlia are considered to be two of her most notable roles to date (2006).

Mia Kirshner Family:

She is the daughter of Etti Kirshner, an educator, and Sheldon Kirshner, a writer who has contributed to The Canadian Jewish News. Their daughter is named Sheldon. Kirshner is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors. Kirshner’s father was also born in the uprooted persons camp in Bad Reichenhall in Germany in 1946, and he met Kirshner’s mother, a Bulgarian-Jewish pariah, after they went to Israel. Kirshner is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors. The paternal grandparents of Kirshner were of Polish and Jewish descent.

Mia Kirshner Education:

Kirshner attended Forest Hill Collegiate Institute but transferred to Jarvis Collegiate Institute later on in his academic career. At McGill University in Montreal, Kirshner conducted research on Russian literature as well as the cinema business of the twentieth century. Her younger sister Lauren Kirshner, who is also an author, was involved with the I Live Here project.

Mia Kirshner Age Biography, Height, Weight, and Body Mass Index Stats, Career in the Professional World:

Kirshner started her acting career in the episode “Adoring the Alien” from the second season of “War of the Worlds.” In this episode, she played the role of both Jo, a young opposition candidate who is captured and cloned by the antagonistic outsiders, and her doppelganger. Love and Human Remains was the first film that Kirshner appeared in, and it was directed by Denys Arcand. In the year 2004, Kirshner was cast in the position of creator Jenny Schecter, a pivotal role in the dramatisation arrangement known as The L Word. She remained a cast member for the length of the show’s first six seasons, which ended in 2009. Additionally, she provided the voice for the main character in Bear 71, an online tale produced by the National Film Board of Canada that had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. It was rumoured in 2012 that Kirshner will be joining the new Syfy show called Defiance. In 2013, a post on the Showcase blog made a passing mention of the fact that Kirshner will be one of the guest stars appearing in the fourth season of the television programme Lost Girl. It was rumoured in 2020 that Kirshner would co-star with Ben Savage in a Hallmark Channel event film entitled Love, Lights, Hanukkah!, which was scheduled to make its premiere on December 20 of the same year. A DNA test reveals to Kirshner’s character, Christina, the fact that she comes from a Jewish family.

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Mia Kirshner Movies List:

Love and What Remains of the Human Race (1993) (Benita) Cadillac Girls (1993) (Page) Exotica (1994) (Christina) The First Degree Assassination (1995) (Rosetta Young) It’s a Grass Harp (1995) (Maude Riordan) City of Angels, from “The Crow” (1996) (Sarah) Anna Karenina (1997) (Kitty) The Crazy Town (1997) (Laurie Callahan) The Quickening of Life (1999) (Sarah) In from the Freezing Cold (1999) (Deborah Berkowitz) James Draminski (2000) (James Draminski) Innocents (2000) (Dominique Denright) Cowboys and Angels at the Arena (2000) The Century Hotel, owned by Candice (2001) (Dominique), if we are to believe Spencer (2001) (Melora) Not Yet Another Young Adult Film (2001) (Catherine Wyler) New Best Friend (2002) (Alicia Campbell) In the Here and Now and for Always (2002) (Angela Wilson) Monster of the Party (2003) (Natasha Gatien) The Influence of Iris (2005) (Rebecca) The Mystery of the Black Dahlia (2006) (Elizabeth Short) You are in the role of Miss Conception (2008) (Clem) A Novel in 30 Parts Called “Dark Days” (2010) (Lilith) Video 388 Arletta Avenue (2011) I Think I Do by Cynthia Vineyard and The Barrens by Amy Walker, both published in 2012 (2013) (Julia) Never Happened (2015) (Laura) Milton’s Secret (2016) (Jane Adams)…….. A Swinger’s Weekend (2017) Dreamland (to be announced) Television: War of the Worlds (Fiona) (1989) (Jo) Danger Bay (1990) Dracula: The Series, by Catherine Walker (1990-1991) E.N.G. (1991) was written by Sophie Metternich, while My Secret Identity was written by Risa Timerman (1991) (Alana Porter) Warmth of the Tropics (1991) (The Cathy Paige Show) Warmth of the Tropics (1992) (Sandy) Road leading up to Avonlea (1992) (Written by Emily Everett-Smythe) Have You Ever Had a Fear of the Dark? (1992) (Pam / Dora Pease) The Girl Johnny Likes (1995) (Ms. Amy Ross) Lake of the Wolf (2001-02) 24 and a Ruby Cates (2001-2005) The four letter word (Mandy) (2004-09) (Jenny Schecter) They Will Appear Once More (2007) (Faith Hardy) The Cleaner is a 2009 film (April May) CSI: NY (2009) (Deborah Carter) The Vampire Diaries [show title] (2010-11) (Isobel Flemming) Kiss at Pine Lake (2012) (Zoe McDowell) The Dangers of Commercial Surrogacy (2013) (Christy Bennett) Graceland (2013) (2013) (Ashika Pearl) Lost Girl (2013) (Clio) Defiance (2013-14) (Kenya Rosewater) Bloodline (2015) (2015) Reluctant Witness was written by Sarah Rayburn in 2015, and Real Detective was written by Erin Villenueve (2016) (Det. Mannina) Star Trek: Discovery (2017-present) (Amanda Grayson) The Scandal Concerning College Admissions (2019) (Bethany Slade) Happy Hanukkah, Love, and Lights! (2020) (Christina)

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Mia Kirshner Net Worth

Mia Kirshner has a net worth that is around $2 million dollars. Additionally, she is an accomplished actress in Canada.

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