Moral Based Story on Greed is Curse

The Tiger and the Greedy Man


Once upon a time, a tiger killed a woman. She had a golden bangle in round her wrist. The tiger kept the golden bangle with him.

One day, a man came there. He was standing on the bank of a stream in order to cross it. Suddenly, the tiger appeared from his den.

The man got afraid. But the tiger told him that it had become pious and kept praying all the time. The tiger offered the man the golden bangle as a gift. The man was very greedy.

He readily came near the tiger to receive the gift. The tiger at once jumped upon the man and tore him into pieces.



  1. Greed is a curse.
  2. A wolf may lose its teeth but not its nature.


2. Speech technique

There is a certain set of oratory skills that allows you to avoid negative perception of your own words. However, this is more about influencing the listener, and it is worth starting to learn such things when you are already quite good at formulating your own thoughts. But nevertheless, some basic things can help you clearly convey words to the interlocutor.

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• Diction and speed of speech

In any conversation, try not to speak quickly. Of course, you should not slow down your speech excessively, but still try to speak in such a way that every sound is clear and well audible. Don’t swallow the endings and try not to speak in breaths. It’s not as difficult as it seems.

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