What is the Moral of the Story the Necklace

How is the Necklace a Moral Story


There are at least three lessons or morals in the story “The Necklace”.


The first lesson is that we should be contented. We should learn to live according to our circumstances. When we read the story careful, we find that Matilda was very beautiful. She was not contented. She thought that she was born for all the luxuries of life. She wanted to live in grand houses. She wanted to marry a rich man.


That was why she was always depressed. She did not enjoy her household life and food. When her husband praised the food, she thought of elegant dinners. She had neither frocks nor jewels and she felt that she was made for them. Therefore, she suffered for ten long years for her high ideas. No doubt, we should have high ideas but we should cut our coat according to our cloth.

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The second lesson is that we always suffer if we try to get happiness through borrowed things. Shakespeare was right when he said that neither a borrower nor a lender be.


Mathilda should not have borrowed the necklace from her friend. In this way, she should have been saved from her tragedy.


The third lesson is that we should always tell the truth. Truth always saves us. By telling a lie, we invite sufferings and misfortune. We see that when they lost the necklace, they should have told Mathilda’s friend about that. In this way, they would have come to know that it was a fake necklace. However, they told a lie and suffered for ten long years. In the end they found out that, they did not have anything to be proud. The necklace was not real and their struggle was just useless. What a pity!



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