Mr Chips Chapter 11 Questions Answers

Mr Chips Chapter 11 Questions


Q.1: When was there a row between Mr. Chips and Mr. Ralston?

Ans.: There was a row between Mr. Chips and Mr. Ralston in 1908 because they never liked each other.



Q.2: What was the cause of this row?

Ans.: Mr. Ralston demanded Chips’ resignation for his inefficiency, old fashioned teaching methodology and disobedience. Chips lost his temper and row started.



Q.3: How did the people of the area come to know about this row? / How did the news of this row spread in the area?

Ans.: By Chance, a boy heard everything outside the office who came to see headmaster. He told the boys what happened in the Headmaster’s study and the news spread all over.



Q.4: What was the reaction of the people after this row?

Ans.: Everyone reacted quite strongly. People turned against Ralston. The whole staff assured Chips that they would support him and would not tolerate his insult.

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Q.5: Who was Sir John Rivers?

Ans.: He was the Chairman of the Board of Governors and was a former student of Chips. It was he who resolved the matter and assured Chips that he could teach as long as he wishes.

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